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Push Reel Mowers

Push reel mowers are undergoing a revival in popularity. Not only are they friendly to the environment (no air or noise pollution), they are also inexpensive to purchase and operate (no fuel), and many people find them an enjoyable form of exercise.

Modern reel mowers are light and easy to push. However it is definitely worthwhile to keep the blades sharp, as blunt blades will make the reel mower significantly harder to use. Sharpening kits for most models of mowers are available, and well worth the investment.


  • Non-polluting. No noise or fumes.
  • Requires no fuel. Emits no green-house gases.
  • Great exercise. Requires little force to operate if kept in good condition.
  • Can actually be faster than a powered lawn mower for small gardens, as there is no messing around with fuel and starting the engine
  • Can be used early in the morning, without waking the neighbors.
  • Relatively safe. They stop when you do, and don’t throw stones.
  • Provides a higher quality cut than a rotary mower.

Not recommended for:

  • Larger lawns.
  • Significant slopes or undulations.
  • Long grass or infrequent mowing. The push reel mower is best for frequent, light mowing. Long grass will slow the rotation of the reel making cutting more difficult.

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