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Easter Lilies (Lilium longiflorum)

Easter Lily.

Easter Lilies are a fragrant lily, with white trumpet-like flowers that blooms around Easter in the Northern Hemisphere (spring). Their popularity makes them the fourth-largest potted floral crop. They were originally native to Southern Japan and Taiwan, but are now grown around the world in cool climate regions.

Peak flowering period is late Spring to early Summer. Potted Easter Lilies are unlikely to flower again unless replanted outside.


  • bright filtered light
  • cool conditions (5C – 20C)
  • good drainage
  • light weekly watering, allowing the soil to dry out


  • direct sunlight
  • warm drafts
  • frost
  • trapped, standing water

To increase the flowering period, remove flowers when they wither and clip leaf ends when they brown. Water weekly, allowing the soil to dry completely between watering. Place in a bright location away from warm draughts and direct sunlight.

If kept indoors, snip off the pollen sacs to avoid permanent stains. Also be aware that the plant is toxic to cats.

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