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Growing Camellias

Camellia Squircle

Pink Camellia

Camellias are one of the most popular flowering plants. They are small trees that grow between 2 and 20m tall. The beautiful flowers are usually pink, red, or yellow – perfect colours for your garden. Camellias grow approx. 30cm a year, dependant upon their environment. There are over 200 different types of camellias.

Camellias grow best in semi-shaded areas. Some varieties may be able to tolerate some full-sun, but generally should be protected from full sun from the west. Sudden temperature changes and frost should be avoided at all times. If you plant your camellias near a house, fence or tall trees, it will provide the plant with more moderate growing conditions.

Camellias do not require much fertiliser.  They appreciate a light watering. Camellias are a very easy shrub to grow in your garden.

Camellias grown in poor environmental conditions are likely to attract disease. The most common disease is fungi that infects and kill the roots of the plant. To reduce the incidence of disease, simply make sure that your camellias are in a good environment and are properly looked after.

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